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Avon city was established in 1995 and is located in Hendricks County. Avon is a great place to raise a family and run a business since it’s secure and full of life. It is a family-friendly city with a population of 35,000. Avon, Indiana, is among the state’s most rapidly expanding areas. In addition to, an excellent education system and many other facilities, residents of this town enjoy a unique combination of urban comforts and a beautiful landscape. Relative to other communities in Indiana, Avon property is indeed an ideal pick. Avon, Indiana Homes for sale offer a nice combination of newer construction in several new neighborhoods and more traditional ancient homes in the city. After buying your dream house here, you will discover that the lifestyle in Avon, Indiana can be wonderful.

Avon’s Attractions and Things to Do:

Washington Township Community
Washington Township Community

Despite its small size, Avon has many well-known attractions. Avon offers a wide range of opportunities for people to go outside and explore. There’s something for everyone in the family at the city’s incredible collection of playgrounds and other outdoor recreational spaces. Townhall park is one of the most beautiful parks and here Walking routes cover 70% of the area. If you love morning walks so it’s an ideal place for you. For golf enthusiasts, this playground also features a golf course and fishing ponds. Another Park Washington Township Community also includes basketball courts, volleyball courts and restrooms for families.



One of Avon’s most beautiful natural areas is the vast Burnett Woods Nature Preserve. It contains 69 acres of beautiful greenery and diverse animals. This lovely place has a hiking trail that leads visitors to the beautiful surroundings for some peaceful reflection. Avon is home to various outdoor leisure places. Entertainment opportunities for athletic fans of all ages are available at the Avon Softball Park, the Avon Junior Athletic Association Baseball Park, and the Avon Sports Complex. There are a large number of good educational institutions in the city of Avon, Indiana. In these schools, students can participate in extracurricular activities such as student council, theatre, gymnastics, sports, science fairs, television news, singing, and regular studies. Avon High School is committed to educating students for future education and employment.

Many people enjoy “antiquing,” which has gained popularity. Taking part in this activity allows you to explore the creativity and craftsmanship of a past age while having a good time. Avon Antiques, a tiny antique store in Avon, has been in operation since 1992. From essential to Antique sculptures, they have a nice collection of genuine antiques in their store. In Avon, Indiana, the Tie Dye Lab is a great place to go if you want to practice some crafting while staying inside. Many other activities, such as art shows and exhibitions, are organized throughout the year.

In September every year, the Avon Community Heritage Festival celebrates the city’s history in Washington Township Park.  Aside from the amazing fireworks, there will be music playing and a wide range of exhibits, as well as food and other entertainment options. The day usually starts at 10 a.m. and goes until 10 p.m., depending on your schedule. Another event that takes place yearly in The Hendricks County Rib-Fest and is a tremendously popular festival.

So, what exactly are your thoughts at the moment? Avon, Indiana homes for sale are now available. So, instead of wasting time, invest in your future in this magnificent city by purchasing the homes of your choice.

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County: Hendricks

Population: 19,962 (Census 2021)

Growth since 2014: 7.70%

Median House Value: $280,700